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An evening with mimi & dee :)

A few weeks back, I had the chance to spend an amazing evening in Nashville with one of my favorite families. I’ve had the opportunity to photography Nicole and Rob and their beautiful girls, Kate and Caroline, several times over the last few years…but even more special has been the opportunity to photograph the extended family. Nicole’s parents… affectionately known as Mimi and Dee… are absolutely amazing people. They are such gracious and kind hosts. I never feel like I am working when I am with them… I’m too busy being pampered and fed and loved on. :) Trent and ¬†Meghan and the adorable Shelby also joined us. It was a super fun evening with lots of love to photograph no matter which direction I turned.

When I arrived, the girls were happily entertaining themselves upstairs. I LOVE the playroom at Mimi and Dee’s house… it’s so bright and happy and full of fun stuff to do :)

Shelby was just a baby the last time I saw her… I couldn’t believe how much she had grown up!

Kate wanted to read a book to Caroline and Shelby… Shelby wanted to keep drawing :)

Thankfully, the book captured her interest after a moment…

Then the racing began. I’m not sure who started it, but it was fun (and exhausting!) to watch :)

But then Shelby remembered that she’d really rather keep drawing. This girl is serious about her art :)

A trip outside to play on the world’s best tire swing was a huge hit. These girls love hanging out here.

It was hot, so we headed back inside to cool down. A bit of sisterly roughhousing ensued.

Shelby wasn’t so sure about all of that craziness… :)

We enjoyed some dinner, and then the girls devoured a cupcake for energy before heading back out into the heat…

I grabbed this shot while everyone was preparing to head back outside. This stuff is my favorite… when people forget I’m around, and they just love on each other.

We headed back out into the heat… Mimi and Dee and the girls had planted a garden, and it was time to check and see if anything had grown out there.

Intense job…

Caroline was hard at work, digging some holes.

While Kate and her Dee searched for the fruits of their labor.

And Shelby found some shade…and some dirt to throw around :)

Checking out the results of that days harvest… (Shelby’s face in this one is my favorite thing ever)

Beautiful Caroline :)

Beautiful Kate.

I loved this capture of Trent, Meghan, and Shelby. So sweet.

More sisterly love… this time, slightly less rough :)

And finally… A little book reading by Rob. I’ve said before that he is the best book reader in history… and I still stand by that statement. He’s hysterical.

Silliness, as always :)

Thank you guys so much for inviting me to be a part of your lives. I have loved seeing your families grow up. I truly hope you enjoy this slideshow, and I can’t wait to see you all again at Shelby’s birthday!

much love,


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