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baby ivey – round 2! [ chattanooga baby photographer ]

It’s been about 4 months since I hung out with Tobi, Corey, and Baby Ivey for Baby Ivey’s newborn session… I was excited about the opportunity to see them again. Tobi posts tons of pictures of Ivey on Instagram, and she seriously seems like the smiliest, most adorable child EVER! She did not disappoint :)

She was napping a bit when I first arrived at the house. One of her new things right now is to put her hand on Tobi’s face when she’s being rocked to sleep. Heart melt.

There’s always a fur-sister on hand to keep an eye out on things, no matter where Ivey is hanging out.

Home. Love.

Look at those lips! Oh my goodness, I die!

Tobi laid her down in her crib, and she woke up immediately. I wish I woke up in this kind of mood!

There’s always time for Instagramming.

Seriously. Cutest baby ever?

This series makes me laugh so hard. Ivey is just barely starting to sit up… she’s a little wobbly… and Tobi’s reaction is priceless :)

Snack break.

I want to squeeze her. And keep her.

Look at that little butt! Oh my goodness!

Tobi and Corey are such great parents. I love seeing them with Ivey.

Fur-sister attack.

Perfect little family.

We’ll wrap up with a shot of Itzy the kitty…who came out of hiding long enough to give me a serious evil eye. Cats make me laugh so hard. They have such attitude.

Tobi and Corey…love you guys! Ivey is absolutely perfect, and I can’t wait to come and photograph the 3 of you again sometime soon!!

much love,





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