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Baby Julia and her Big sister Mia- round 3!

I feel like I’m still recovering from last Saturday. It must have been the hottest day of the year so far, and of course, since it’s Chattanooga, the humidity was so high it felt like a steam room… and I had two sessions to do, plus I assisted my friend Rich with a wedding. So that’s my attempt at asking you to understand why it has taken me so long to get these sessions on the blog… I’ve just been trying to regain some of the energy that the crazy June heat stole from me :)

Bright and early (for me at least… 9:00 on a Saturday morning definitely counts as bright and early:)), I arrived at Christine and Gavin’s house. I am actually fairly used to knocking on their door early in the mornings, but usually I am not carrying the camera, and am dressed in my Pilates garb. Today, I was ready for “work” :) but as always, hanging out with this amazing family wasn’t like working at all… it was just like hanging out. I love it when a session feels like that.

Julia, now 5 months old, is ridiculously cute. She was smiling on demand already at our last session… and now she has grown into this perfect smiley laughy happy sweetheart. She ALWAYS smiles at me, and this session was no exception. She just grinned and laughed and smiled and cooed and loved on my camera. It was perfect.

She’s so super ticklish, that the simple act of changing her diaper sends her into fits of laughter. I seriously had to put my camera down a couple of times, because her laughter was so infectious that I had to take a break to breathe! Cuteness!

If this image doesn’t make you smile, you need to just walk away from the computer and take a nap or something. Your smile-meter must be broken.

Sometimes the “outtakes” end up being some of my favorite image. I believe strongly that “real life is beautiful”… and you can’t get much more real than a drooling 5 month old. I have a feeling that there is a tooth or two trying to say hello right about now :)

I feel like a broken record saying this again… but I must. Gavin and Christine are amazing parents to photograph. They are so fun and animated. They make my job way too easy.

We went outside for just a few (sweltering) minutes…

Mia wanted to show me her sandbox and her gardens. I was shocked and amazed when I saw her pull a tiny cherry tomato off the plant… inspect it closely… and pop it straight into her mouth. What a perfectly healthy snack :) (I’d never choose a snack like that for myself. Not that I would choose something like chips and dip… or sour candy… I just meant I wouldn’t pick a tomato. Right.)

I think this is one of my favorite images from the day… and actually, one of my favorite images so far this year. Mia has to go through a process of getting every single tiny bug out of her sandbox… before she can get in it to play. She dug out this little worm, and proudly showed it to me. The reason I love the image so much doesn’t actually have to do with the squirmy thing (although that part is kinda fun)… I love this image, because if you look closely, you can see that she’s just started putting her shoes on- all by herself. The shoes on the wrong feet make that very clear :)

Gavin and Baby Julia snuck back inside while we were in the sandbox… Gavin was a serious trooper for dealing with a photographer in his house during the midst of the World Cup. I’m just glad that Baby Julia was so excited about watching the game with him :)

After everyone de-sanded and retreated from the heat, Christine decided that it was time for Baby Julia to have her first bite of solid food. I don’t know if you can tell… but Julia is definitely a fan of eating, so we were pretty sure she was going to enjoy this process.

Love these cheeks :)

The only time I saw Julia upset all day was when the solid food was all gone. That was a devastating moment.

Chubby baby feet :) I want to do an art show one day… all feet. Maybe all baby feet.

Christine taught Mia the “mirror, mirror” lines from Snow White. I could hear Mia murmering them as she was looking in the mirror. Her version goes like this “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest at the mall.” Hahaha!

Mia is such a big girl. I just can’t get over it. It really is very similar to seeing my own kids grow up… I’ve been around her since she was a newborn. And now she’s an adventurous toddler. Crazy.

Bath time is one of Julia’s favorite times. One of the things that Christine never wanted to forget about Julia at this stage is the way that Gavin makes Julia laugh when she’s taking a bath. I think I managed to capture that one for them. (Lots more in the slideshow…)

Mia decided that she wanted to help bathe Julia… I think really she just wanted an excuse to play in the water, either way, it was super cute.

After bathtime, Julia was ready for more food. The solids were fun and all, but they were no substitute for the real thing! So Christine, Julia, Mia and I headed into the nursery to hang out while Christine fed Julia. Christine had told me that Mia was newly obsessed with climbing into Julia’s crib and hanging out with her baby while Christine nursed. I was so excited when Mia did exactly that. Seriously, so cute.

“Shhhhhhh. You hab to be bery bery quiet. We are sleeping.”

So sweet.

And isn’t Mia the BEST big sister ever? Look how gentle she is with Baby Julia…

(Love this nursery)

While Julia was sleeping, Christine and Mia had a serious dance party. If you ever need to laugh, just pop by and watch this process… it’s pretty awesome.

And we played with play-dough a bit. Mia made some pasketti. (Hmm. How to spell that?!)

Then Julia joined us for a few seconds of snuggling on the couch (still watching the world cup;)), before I had to head out to my next session. I’m so glad we grabbed these before I left… they are ridiculously cute.

Love Christine and Gavin’s hands here. Seriously, love it.

Christine… sorry it took me til almost 11:00 tonight to get this blog post up. I think I’ll use the additional excuse of being exhausted from the mat class you tortured me with this morning :) I hope the slideshow is worth the wait.

much love,


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  • June 16, 2010 - 9:29 am

    Ceci - Can I just say that I am seriously in LOVE with your photography!!! I love everything about it. I have been blog stocking you for a while, and finally had to just say it. ;D
    I always think you can’t possibly get any better and wow you do, this session is adorable, what a sweet family!

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