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baby mia is 3!

I first photographed Baby Mia’s family in August of 2007 when I hung out with Christine and Gavin for one of my favorite maternity sessions ever. I can’t believe I’ve been photographing their lives for the past three years… I’ve been blessed with absolutely wonderful clients, but even more than that, with amazing friends. Christine has become an important part of my life, and I am thankful for her on a daily basis :)

Baby Mia and her gorgeous parents at our newborn session…three years ago…

And not so baby Mia at her recent third birthday… Shocking… and so beautiful.

Christine seriously rocked the details at this birthday party… everything was SO cute. Mia LOVES the Seven Dwarfs, particularly Grumpy… so Christine planned the perfect Grumpy’s treehouse birthday. I wanted to ┬ábe 3 so I could enjoy everything just like Mia did :)

Let’s talk about these cake pops for a second… Christine made them, they were insanely delicious, and I am seriously going to want to her to make them for every session from now on :)

Immediately upon arriving, Mia turned into the perfect little hostess. It was so cute to watch her serve up plates of food and find seats for everyone.

And her adorable sister, Baby Julia tried hard to steal the show… Seriously, it’s impossible to take a bad picture of this child.

First activity of the party was a fun scavenger hunt.

I love this image of Mia searching for things on her scavenger hunt… she looks so big…and so little.

While the kids were out scavenging… someone from the Chattanooga Nature Center brought out an owl to share with them. It was so cute to watch all the kids learn. (Plus the owl looks a little crazy, and makes me laugh;))

After learning about the owl, it was a time to have a few snacks… and then dig into the cake!

These are some of my favorite birthday cake images ever… Such a fun series.

Baby Julia enjoyed her cake, too :)

I. Love. This. Family.

Every time I see this image I laugh. Love it.

Baby Fin LOVES Mia. And I love him :) What a doll.

And finally… an image of Mia and her friends pushing her wagonload of gifts… off into the sunset ;)

Christine and Gavin… I’m crazy about you guys… I hope you enjoy your slideshow :) (and another blog post is coming soon, I promise!)

much love,


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