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i love brad & kristin (& baby larkin, of course)

It had been way too long since I had photographed Brad, Kristin, and Baby Larkin. I’d had the opportunity to hang out with Kristin & Brad a few times, but it’s been about 6 months since I’d seen Larkin. She has grown up so much since our trip to Colorado!

Isn’t Larkin beautiful?

I spent most of Wednesday morning hanging out with the family. I love Kristin & Brad because there is never any pretense with them. When I arrived, Larkin was still finishing breakfast, hanging out in her PJ pants. The whole morning was completely relaxed and real… such a perfect environment for me to capture their life.

Kristin got Larkin dressed (in an ADORABLE dress made by Tobi at Ivy Handcrafted ) and we hung out in her room for a few minutes. Larkin is super independent (much like her parents) and doesn’t need help from anyone to do anything. It made me laugh that she would really rather just read her book by herself :)

Kristin told me that one of Larkin’s favorite things was the pool. She said that Larkin would walk around the house saying “poo? poo? poo?” until someone finally took her outside. Check out her excitement when she realized that we were going outside to get in the pool… Love this.

I took WAY too many pictures in the pool :) Larkin was so excited.

They turned the “waterfall” on, and I got all excited. How fun! I managed to get myself and my camera fairly soaked during this portion of our session…

Love these details…

I totally sacrificed my camera’s safety for this next series of shots… totally worth it. I love the perspective here. Larkin seriously loves doing this… she wants to do it over and over and over again (perfect for me, since I needed a couple of opportunities to get this angle)

We finally finished hanging out in the pool and headed back inside. Roxy was feeling a little bit left out, so she joined Larkin at center stage for a few images.

Love this outtake. There are lots and lots of these in my session files. Roxy is a big dog, and doesn’t seem to care where she stands:)

Bill, the kitty, generally hides whenever I’m around. I think he’s in shock about having to deal with a baby in the house… even after 18 months. I was surprised that he actually let me photograph him… AND he let Larkin get almost within touching distance (although he certainly doesn’t look happy about it) :)

Love baby kisses…

And they way they look when they run…

I love the drama that they can attach to the simplest of tasks…

But most of all… I love baby laughs. Amazing.

After a ridiculously fun-filled morning, it was time for everyone to head out to work (and for me to head home). I grabbed these last few images as Brad put Larkin in her carseat so he could take her to Grandma’s house. I think we might have exhausted Larkin, just a bit :)

Kristin and Brad… I’m crazy ’bout y’all. Let’s hang out soon. You bring the party, I’ll leave the camera at home :)

(In the meantime, enjoy the slideshow)

lots and lots of hugs and kisses…


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