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Baby Evan & his brothers… round 3 :)

Brett and Mindy have had a crazy busy time since our last session together at Christmastime. I can only imagine how they survive the various pressures that life continues to throw at them…but they do. And they do it with the best attitudes imaginable. I am consistently inspired by their drive and determination…and their laid-back and loving spirits. Their boys are blessed to have these two as their parents.

When I arrived for my most recent session… everyone was in the best of moods. I have never seen a baby smile as much as Baby Evan does. He’s hysterical and SOOOO cute!

And Ryan and Colin were in full fledged boy mode… lots of running and yelling and chasing and laughing.

Completely fell in love with Ryan while capturing this image.

There were two cowboy hats in the house… but apparently one of them was better than the other. Colin had it, and Ryan wanted it…

After Colin handed it over to Ryan… he decided that he was sad that he didn’t have it anymore. So funny.

Love this picture of the adorable smiling Baby Evan… and if you look closely, you will see that Ryan and Colin are still fighting over the perfect hat.

It’s so funny to see these three little bitty boys roughhouse with each other. Even Baby Evan gets in on the fun.

Did I mention that Baby Evan is the smiliest baby ever?

(It appears that more roughhousing is going on in the background of this image :))

Colin wanted to show off his Angry Birds skills… they have it set up so that they can view the game on their TV, and Colin is very proud of his skills :) (I’m not going to lie… I was extremely impressed with how well a 4 year old could play that game. He’s WAY better than I am!)

While Colin played…

Ryan watched… (while ignoring the alarms on his Potty Watch:))

Bath time is a serious event for these boys. Evan had just a moment of peace before his wild brothers joined the party…

More of that amazing smile…

Baby Evan has beautiful lashes… and you know how much I love baby eyelashes :)

Babies are so funny when they hit this age… it’s almost impossible for one person to change their clothes. You need a team- one person to distract and another person to attack with the clothing. Mindy and Brett have this teamwork perfected.

Even the smiliest baby in the world has the occasional breakdown… Poor little guy.

But it didn’t last for long… Mindy tried to get him to take a bit of a bottle, and then put him to bed for the night. We snuck back into the room after he’d been in there alone for a few minutes, and this is the sight we were greeted with :) ┬áBest smile ever. :)

Mindy and Brett, you guys are amazing. I hope you both manage to get a nap or two in sometime soon… I was exhausted after just a couple hours with your boys :) Enjoy your slideshow… and I’ll see you at the birthday party!



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  • July 13, 2011 - 9:39 pm

    Diane Sanders - Amber, these are just beautiful and fabulous! You are the BEST photographer!!

    BTW, I am their proud grandmother!!
    Diane Sanders

  • September 13, 2011 - 12:24 pm

    Happy Birthday Baby Evan!!! » the lifestyle baby photographer - […] Baby Evan was snoozing soundly when I arrived… oblivious to the fact that this was his big day. I love capturing them like this… so peaceful :) […]

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