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baby day is not a baby anymore! [ asheville family photographer ]

I love Asheville. I don’t know that I’ve mentioned it here very much, but I was born in Asheville, and really, even though I’ve lived in Chattanooga since 1997, I still consider it home. It’s beautiful, the people are diverse in culture and backgrounds, while still being friendly, in general, and my immediate family and some of my dearest friends live there. I take every opportunity I can get to head home for the weekend and visit. So when Hadley contacted me about getting together to do a family session in October, I was more than happy to make arrangements for that to happen! (FYI, I am always happy to travel to Asheville for sessions. We’ll have to work around scheduling, but I can be pretty flexible. And I don’t generally charge my standard travel rates for sessions in that area…so if you’re interested, get in touch!) Okay, sales pitch over ;) Let’s talk about beautiful Day and her equally beautiful parents, Hadley and Kevin.

I hadn’t see this family since Day was just a baby. And although years have passed, I have a bit of mental block when it comes to imagining “my” kids growing up. I knew Day was not a baby anymore, but I was still beyond surprised when I pulled up in the driveway and was greeted by Hadley and Kevin, two energetic dogs (Chief and Diesel), and this little person. I looked around for Baby Day. And then, with a bit of a shock, I realized that the miniature grown up in front of me WAS Baby Day! System reset. :)

Once I got over the initial rush of disbelief, we got our session underway. Kevin and Hadley love Halloween, so they had just decorated their place for the holiday, and they had a few holiday activities they wanted to me to document. I love it when parents think ahead about the things they want to remember about their lives at this stage in such a thorough way.

I am a TERRIBLE pumpkin carver. 1. Pumpkin guts seriously make me want to vomit. 2. I can’t even cut along a template correctly, much less freehand anything. I’m now excited to know that there are other pumpkin decoration options out there for those of us who might be carving challenged. The little pumpkin kit that Hadley had picked up was super simple, and absolutely adorable!

(Eyelashes, eyelashes, eyelashes!)

Are they adorable, or what?

Totally have a crush on Kevin. Don’t tell him. (Way to go, Hadley! ;) )

This. Face.

With pumpkin #1 complete, we moved on to a different sort of pumpkin…Day loved it. The dogs, particularly Diesel, weren’t as sure about it.

I’ve always ALWAYS said that the “in between moments” are almost always the most important ones, whether at a lifestyle session, or at a wedding. This moment was in between. And I love it.

I don’t think children ever really grow out of their love for this kind of play. Even after they are far too big for it, I think they secretly still wish that someone could throw them into the air and catch them again.

Or maybe that’s just me ;)

I never ever pass up the opportunity to photograph reading time.


Little girl feet are almost as fun as itty bitty baby feet. Actually, I think I just like feet.

Every night involves a bit of snuggling and movie watching. It’s my favorite way to end the evening, too.

This image of Diesel trying to find himself a comfortable place to hang out made me laugh so hard.

More of that wonderful “Mommy, catch me!” sort of fun. I love the movement in the first, and the reflected expression in the second. I’ll call it skill, but you guys really know I just got lucky ;)

Kevin decided that he needed a bite to eat before we headed outside for a walk to wrap up our session, so he and Day whipped up some pancakes. I love how Day just makes herself comfortable on the counter. It’s much easier to cook that way.

We wrapped up our session with a family walk. The weather was perfect for it. (Another thing I miss about Asheville. Sigh.)

One last Halloween decoration…and some beautiful fall color to finish of this post…

Hadley and Kevin, thank you so much for giving me an excuse to come back to Asheville for a visit :) I’m happy to come back and hang out with you and Day and the boys, anytime. I hope you love these, and I can’t wait to be pleasantly surprised by how much Day has changed, the next time I see her! Don’t let her grow up so much next time though, ok?!



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