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I’m not that girl who grew up excited about motherhood. I didn’t play house with my baby dolls (baby dolls creep me out!), ooh and ahh over other peoples’ children, or dream about the day that I could hold my own babies in my arms. Instead, I stole my brother’s G.I. Joe’s, played sports, and dreamed of the day that I could live my grown up life.

As a result, I was a little terrified when I found out I was pregnant. I’m obviously not naturally maternal. Maybe that meant I wouldn’t be good enough. Maybe it meant I wouldn’t love being a mom. Maybe it meant I would completely screw my kids up.

But so far so good. I’m pretty sure all parents screw their kids up (my goal is to screw mine up as little as possible;) ), but I’ve found that I *am* good enough, and that I *do* love being a mom. Not because I’m a naturally maternal, but because I have the most amazing children imaginable. They’re perfect for me. They’ve made me into a great mom.


AUSTEN.  He’s 12. He’s my sensitive first born, and he has an overprotective drive to take care of his little sister. He’s a bit of a geek (he gets that honest!). He loves Dr. Who, technology, superheroes, and reading. He’s a genius with technology, and he’s an amazing writer. He’s my favorite boy in the world.

ADDISON. She’s 9. She’s my laid back second, and she drives her big brother insane with her antics. She’s a bit of a slob (she gets that honest!). She loves My Little Pony, all things crafty, her American Girl Doll, and playing outside. She’s completely fearless, and she can make anything out of anything. She’s my favorite girl in the world.

FLARE THE CAT.  She’s old. And cranky. Austen is her human, and she only tolerates the rest of the universe. She hides from every dog that ever enters our home, and attacks every cat. Sometimes I don’t understand why in the world I love her. But I do.

LIL’ MONKEY THE KITTEN. She thinks she’s a baby. Actually, she thinks she’s MY baby. No. Seriously. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m her mother. She’s sweet and cuddly, and she’ll bite your hand off if you scratch her stomach for too long. Don’t tell anyone just how attached I am to her.

chattanooga_lifestyle_wedding_photographer_0012US. We love photowalks and Instagram, Psych during dinner, Sundays at the movies, reading at breakfast, technology, inside jokes, and dance parties in the car. We’re sometimes cranky and quiet, sometimes loud and obnoxious, and we’re the funniest people we’ve ever met. But the best thing about us? We’re always loving each other. Always. We’re all kinds of awesome.

I told you I’m the luckiest mom on the planet!

xo, amber