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sweet baby ivey! [ chattanooga baby photographer ]

They had been waiting for this for what feels like forever. The journey to bring Ivey home was bumpy and painful and long and hard. But I’m pretty sure that both Tobi and Corey would say it was well worth it to have this beautiful baby girl in their life.

I love their love story. Tobi and Corey are dear friends, so it was amazing to join them in their home and capture their brand new experiences as parents. They’re both naturals.

Ivey fits seamlessly into her new family…fursisters included :)

Guard duty.

Never forget how itty bitty those feet were… The next thing you know, she’s going to be borrowing your shoes, Tobi!

Tobi is a beautiful mother. Absolutely beautiful.

And just like all beautiful mothers…she will make amazing faces to entertain her child :)

Baby Ivey is absolutely stunning. Sometimes newborns go through a super awkward stage…but Baby Ivey apparently skipped it.

Corey has the whole dad thing down pat. He’s a bit of a baby whisperer.

I think they’ve been waiting on moments like these for long enough. No more waiting. Your family is all together, you two. So happy for you to have this.

Tobi and Corey didn’t even struggle with the whole newborn baby bath thing. I always thought that holding onto a squirming, fussing, slippery, wet baby was kind of impossible. But not them. They’re pros. I feel a little ashamed ;)

After her bath, Tobi dressed Baby Ivey in one of her custom creations. This one is particularly heartfelt, I think.

As always… I’m sitting here giggling at these pitiful crying faces. Does that make me evil?

Tobi had it under control though.

Everything this family does it cute. It was way too easy. Felt like cheating, really. Corey is being a complete ham, and instead of being ridiculous, it’s adorable!

After being awake for the entire session, a little walk around the block lulled Baby Ivey straight to sleep. Lucky for me, because it makes these shots way easier to capture.

I feel so blessed to become a part of Baby Ivey’s life over the next year. I love that she is going to have documentation of just how much her parents loved her…they had waited for her for so long.

Welcome home, Baby Ivey. We’re so glad you’re here.

Tobi and Corey…all I can say is thank you so much for choosing me to document Baby Ivey’s first year. I’m looking forward to every single moment. All three of you (and yes, all the furbabies, too) are amazing. Be proud of what your family has become!

much love,


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