Health benefits of massage chairs

Massage Chairs

In order to eliminate chronic pain in your body, a message is needed. A massage chair helps alleviate your body from pain, tension and relieve stress. In contrast to the professional massage therapists who only perform specific techniques, a massage chair has got the ability to perform most of the professional’s task at once. A massage brings positivity to individuals who may be having anatomical, stressful or muscular problems. For those people who are always busy most of the time and also impatient people who can’t book an appointment, then a massage chair is of great help to them. The health benefits of using this massage chair include:

Stimulating the body secretion of endorphins

stimulates the body

Endorphins are neurotransmitters in the body that aid to reduce the perception of pain and lessen stress effects. The massage chairs stimulate the release of the neurotransmitters and thus create a feeling of well-being and enhance the immune response.

Increasing/improving air circulation

A massage therapy involving your full body ensure blood flows outrightly from your skull to your toes. An increased circulation promotes the healing process. As blood flows through the whole body, it carries oxygen and nutrients to body organs and cells and removes toxins thus improving energy and vitality.

Pain relief

Obviously, the major reason for having any message is to relieve pain. As said, a message induces the release of endorphins chemicals which naturally relieve pain.

Relieve/reduce stress

The effects of stress include poor appetite, sleep problems and high blood pressure- a reason why it affects the mental well-being of an individual. A massage chair help reduce the level of cortisol in the body thus help reduce body problems by controlling blood pressure.

Aligning the spine and reducing pressure on the nerves

A massage chair limits pressure exerted on the spine by horizontally by offering support to the back. As humans, we have nerves running through vertebrates that supply all body areas including the toe and fingers. Any tension on the back or the vertebrae that has been misaligned can cause pain in the back. A massage chair relaxes the muscles and lengthens the spin as the vertebrae go back to their original alignment.When relieved from pressure, the nerves travel quickly through the spinal canal.

Improving mood

improves mood

Medical studies have shown that when using a massage chair, several hormones such as endorphin and serotine responsible for anxiety, mood, happiness, depression and mental health are released. As serotine level increases, depression and stress are reduced thus improving mood. Improving flexibility and motion. A massage helps keep the joints more fluid thus making the body joints more flexible and less prone to injury.