About Us

About Us
Who we are:

My husband is Nathan, and I am Amber. Together we make up Holritz Photography. As a husband and wife team, we provide a wonderful balance to one another with our inherent differences, while simultaneously having that special intuition reserved for couples and dearest friends, which allows us to work together seamlessly. Nathan was born in Indiana, and grew up in Southern Japan, while I was born and raised in the outskirts of Asheville, NC. Nathan’s vast world travels have given him an eye for the uniqueness of life, while my down-home nature allows me insight into relationships. Nathan is very structured and a perfectionist; I am very laid-back and freeform. Nathan loves to photograph in vivid color; I prefer crisp black and white. Our differences drew us to one another early on, and our sameness has kept us close.

We met and married while in college, and we decided that we loved Chattanooga, and wanted to make our lives here. In 2002, Austen joined our family, followed by his sister, Addison, in 2005. Our children are the nucleus of our lives, and one of the reasons we love photography so much is because it allows us to memorialize our own family.

What we want:

Our desire is to have a relationship with you. Whether you are a bride, a groom, a mom, or a photographer, we want to get to know you. In addition, we hope to bring photographic joy to your life in some way. Whether it be by photographing your wedding, your family, or merely by allowing you to enjoy our recent experiences, we hope that stopping by this blog helps increase your awareness of our art.

Who we should thank:

Thanks to Rich Smith and Jessica Claire for the wonderful photographs of us found on this site.
Thanks to Marc Thomas for allowing us to use his amazing music.
Thanks to our friends and family for supporting us in our endeavor. We would have never made it without you!