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Buying Guide for a Fire Pit

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You can enjoy an entertaining outdoor session during the cooler months by investing in a good fire pit. These units are well-designed, easy to clean and portable. They are helpful in adding atmosphere, light, and warmth to the outdoor area. It is a cost-effective and mobile fireplace which can be installed easily. The style and size of the fire pit chosen depend on the outdoor/backyard space.

Homeowners can get the best fire pits from reliable builders like Premium fire Company. This is the best place where you can get quality products. Some of their main products include gas fire pits, fire pits and fire pit insert. They have a team of staff that knows everything about grilling, fire pits, and other fire pit accessories. The following are the general things that you need to consider when buying a fire pit:

Picking a Style

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There are different styles of fire pits to choose from. These include the square and fire bowl versions. The square versions look like low tables. Individuals who want pits that can be moved easily should try the bowl versions. Units that are more stationery in are ideal for roomy backyards.

Decide On Fuel

These units are designed to either use gas/propane or wood. Deciding in the on the type of unit that you want is very important. Wood fire pits are more as compared to those fuelled by propane. In addition to this, thy look and feel like real campfires.

Knowing The Dimensions

The average diameter of the modern fire pits units range from 20 to 45 inches. The small versions have a diameter of 20-25 inches diameter and the large ones 40-45 inches (like that of a medium-sized outdoor table). The small fire pits are perfect for compact patios and decks.

Consider Materials

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Most of the modern units are made of materials likes copper, stainless steel, tiles and stone. Both stainless steel and stone is heavy making it ideal for large stationery units that don’t need to be moved around. Individuals who want to invest in good fire pits should consider buying stainless steel models. Units made of tiles are decorative and fireproof. For standard models, you should consider purchasing the copper version. Other units are coated with a powder that gives them a shiny look.

Extra Accessories and Precautions

You should avoid using the fire unit close to your home or wall. Remember that some of these units are placed on wooden decks. If possible, you should place your fire pit on a fireproof surface like hard stone, tile or cement. Some of the useful accessories which are used with these devices include grills for cooking and screen the keep sparks from flying. In addition to this, some of them have vinly covers that protect them when they are not in use.