Dealing with mold

Home Maintenance

Mold is a type of fungus that is usually found on decaying matter. While it is of value to nature, it can be quite harmful when it grows inside the house. In most cases, the mold is usually found in areas that have moisture, as well as rotting substances. It can be found growing anywhere provided these two factors are present. Inside the house, it is usually found in the kitchen especially under the sink.

One thing to have in mind about mold is that it spreads very quickly. It is therefore essential to seek help once you suspect that your house may have some mold. Once the mold has spread to many areas, it can prove to be too hard to contain it, not to mention the damage that it will have already caused. There are several reasons why you might have a mold infestation in your home. Below are the most common causes:


WATER If there was a flood in your area, floodwater might get trapped in difficult-to-access areas. This may offer a perfect breeding ground for mold. This is why it is advisable to include mold extermination at any time that you have a flood cleanup exercise after a flood.


Having so much moisture in the air can offer a good ground for mold to grow. Moisture promotes rotting; a combination of both rotting, as well as the mold,  is a catalyst for mold to grow. Unlike plants that may need sunlight to grow, mold does not require any light which means that it can grow almost anywhere.

Lack of ventilation

Living in a home that lacks ventilation could be another source of mold infestation. If the house remains damp, a lot of moisture may be retained, and this will almost certainly lead to the growth of mold in the house. Mold is also spread through spores that are carried in the air. Lack of proper air circulation may make these spores to be concentrated in your home, which will most assuredly speed up the spread of mold inside the house.

What to do if there is mold?

If you notice there is some mold in your home, it is critical to get in touch with mold removal company  immediately. This will help in curtailing further spread of the mold in your home. Ensure that the company you hire does a thorough job. A detailed job is the one that includes a sweep in all the possible areas where the mold could infect. By so doing, you will be lowering the chances that of the mold spreading after the cleanup.


It is also recommended that you first understand what kind of a mold you are dealing with as there are many different types. A good mold removal company should be able to help you with this. This will help in knowing which products to fight the mold with.